1. What is happening with the Website?
  • The Website had $220.00 donated to its operation at the reunion. It is funded until October 3, 2022. Thank you!
2. What are the plans for future reunions?
  • Hold on! Please find the "Poll Page in the page choice along the left-side. We will direct everyone to go vote and will then publish the results and we will go from there. 

Why was the reunion separate from Idaho Falls?

From the very beginning, the Committee had a vision that it wanted to celebrate two events, our graduation and the Skyline building's 50th birthday. We also envisoned an Art Auction to support the Skyline Art Department and the memory of Alice Foster. Both of these ideas were great, but we felt we could not ask Idaho Falls to celebrate, well, Skyline. In the first meeting we discussed ways to have combined events. A combined picnic at Tautphaus, a day of golf and pickle ball were mentioned the very first night. Janet quickly secured the picnic area and selected someone to organize golf. Results: We get to mingle!


Why are we even having a reunion?

As the reunion committee has called, texted, and emailed classmates, we have encountered a lot of reasons why people won't attend. Probably the saddest note came from someone who said that in her entire three years at Skyline, only one person ever talked to her (heart stab). Others have expressed the feeling that they didn't really like themselves back in the day and coming back might bring up feelings they no longer entertain. Some have voiced worry that old clicks would take over. All of these concerns are legitimate.

First, let me tell you that I wake up every day of my life wondering how I got on this committee. I loathe reunions and have only attended two. Then, this woman who I never once talked to in my life (nope, three years in school and never said a word to her), Janet Just Hill got a hold of me. She pleaded, “We have to find every single student, every single one. They all have to come home.” I drank the kool aid and haven't regretted one minute. Every day there are text/email interactions going back and forth with important information about you. If you only knew how much each person means to this group. At midnight, it is not unusual to receive a text that says, “I found him!” We find joy in every find and we cry when we have to place a name on the memory page.

Second, we have to consider where we started and where we are now. Fifty years ago, we walked out of the halls of Skyline with dreams, hopes and ambitions filling our heads. We left with all our teen angst, our insecurities and we set off to become us. Many were thrilled to be leaving high school and happily moved on without ever taking a look back. Some kept in touch. Then life hit. Many went to college, some didn't choose that road. Some never married, others have been married to the same person since high school, and some of us are still practicing relationships. We've owned our own business or worked in the system our entire careers. We made money. We lost money. We've travelled the world or we chose to stay close to home. We have enjoyed good health or struggled with issues that have tried us to the limit. We have buried parents, siblings, spouses, children and grandchildren. In short, we've lived. No one cares if you've gained weight, lost your hair, replaced both knees or had to ask for help from a grandkid to check-in on the website. However, they do care that you've made it this far.

Finally, we need to address the “elephant” in the room. If you've looked at the memory page on this site, you've realized that many of our classmates found this life journey too difficult. Our conclusion is simple. We need each other. Every single person in our class is important and all have lived rich, wonderful lives. That's what is different about this reunion. The rough corners have been rounded off everyone. We want to know each other. We need to know each other.

On September 19, 2019 the class of 1969 will once again leave the halls of Skyline High School knowing that we are going to finish all of this together. Come home.