If you have any information on the people listed below, please let a committee member know. You can use the contact button on this site to communicate. Thank you.

Trying to locate:

Irene Lynn Aders

Jennie Bates (found by committee)

Jolene Becker Ahlberg (found by committee)

Rick L. Becker (found by comittee)

Mike Bradburn (found by Denny Graves)

Bill Brooks (numerous finds)

Christie Kaye Brunson

Diane L. Byrom Tracy

Christine Collings

George Dilley

Paula Lumana Evans Baugh

Jeffry Alan Forsythe

Linda E. Fullmer

Karen Geisler Butler (found by Debbie Andrews Poznanovich)

Betty B. Haire Weyerer

Marilyn B. Hammond Kruckenberg

Janice Robertson Jenkins

Cheri  Killian (found by committee)

Patricia May Lemons (found by committee)

Lisa Louie

Janeane Helen McCord Driggs

Marilyn McKim Barnes

Carolyn Sue Mellow Forbes

Dorothy C. Millburn Powell  (found by committee)

Thomas E. Nash

Patricia Sue Neece Smith

Julie Anne Norberg

Myrtle Louella Patterson Swift (found by committee)

Lynn Stewart Poole

Lisa Price (found by committee)

Geneva Lou Relph

Marion Dianne Rigoulot Latimor

Brenda Sorenson

Timothy Soule

Sylvia Jean Steiling

James S. Stoddard

Lamont Danel Taylor

Peter Robert Tromp

Michael James Trudeau

Rae VanWagoner

Sharon K. Wall

Terry Wessel

Kathleen Ellen Wilson (Kiester) (committee find)

Stanley C. Wood

Diane Marie Woods

Laura Worton Snarr (committee find)

Karen L. Youngstrom